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If two-hundred-forty years of so-called American democracy has taught us anything, it is that there are no shortcuts to good governance.

If we the people, and those we have empowered to govern us, have not gotten it right after more than a couple of centuries, why should we expect those foreign countries whose dictators and tyrants have been overthrown, get it right after a couple of years?

The transformation from authoritarian to democratic governance is a long, arduous process with many pitfalls on the way. As recent history showed us, there are no guarantees when a dictator is deposed and freedom rings out.

One single event, put in motion by obtuse elected officials, can set the world ablaze. Is there a nation, a city, an institution that feels secure today? The United States’ invasion of Iraq, illegally planned by a sophomoric, opportunistic group of politicians, carried out an attack against a sovereign nation, created the chaos and mayhem that we, the people, live in today. The exuberance of the so-called “victory” was indeed short-lived. The blame for our national pathos today lies at the feet of an inept and divided Congress, which fails to act on any issue because of the color of the skin of the 44th President of the United States.

History will not forgive them.

And, now fellow Americans, we must suffer until November 8 and, perhaps beyond, because the major political parties have nominated and offered us two incredibly scrupulous candidates. One, with his mawkish oratory and childish actions, has demonstrated there is little, if any, civility left in today’s American politics. He is a pathological liar whose followers believe that he will make “America Great Again” and whose supporters believe “He tells it like it is”. Give us a break.

The other major candidate, a former Secretary of State, NY Senator, and First Lady, has tainted what was believed impeccable credentials for the office with lies and deception.

It comes down to this: The 45th President of the United States will either be a pathological liar or one who has willingly accepted baksheesh from those who seek a helping hand from the occupant of the White House.

Not much of a choice.

Today, more than ever, the people must take a hard and long look at these candidates. For now, more than ever, the future of the world, the country, and your loved ones are at stake.

Is it any wonder that the elite members of the frustrated RNC are on daily alert to explain what their man is trying to explain? Likewise, the DNC, which believed it had a “sure thing” in the first woman nominated by its party, has discovered Truth never allows a Lie to sleep. FBI Director Comey proved that point.

I say and write this because if we, the strongest and most powerful country in the history of mankind, can’t get it right, why, then, do we expect other nations and foreign leaders to live up to our expectations?

We have tried to export our democracy, our way of life and laws to those nations whose people have followed ancient laws and customs set forth by centuries. Under whose orders or power, were we given the right to impose upon these people our “democracy”, our way of life? If you know of any, please tell us. I was taught that government derives its power by the consent of its people. If the people demand change then their actions, and only their actions, should bring about that change.

The history of the United States has shown that in times of peril Americans have chosen the right person to lead the nation. The enduring names of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, have become immortal in the minds and hearts of those who remember what they accomplished when the country called upon them to serve. History has embraced them.

Political change, indeed, has come to the Middle East, but the freedoms we value, and believe they, too, value, have not. But we still have hope, that one day, all people will be treated with dignity and respect; that all people will honor life, liberty, and the individual pursuit of happiness.

Today our so-called victories in Iraq and Afghanistan have been branded as Pyrrhic. Today’s political dialogue is malignant and destructive to everything that we believe in – and many are suspicious of anything that is proposed in this Congress.

We need to work together; we need to refocus on our common goals. “A house divided against itself,” Lincoln warned us,” cannot stand.”

It was as true in 1860 as it is today.

These are my thoughts on governance…I welcome yours.


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