In the name of American decency

Photo courtesy of DomDeen and
Photo courtesy of DomDeen and

A political tsunami, strengthened by base and destructive rhetoric by a small number of bitter Republican Party heretics, has reached the shores of our nation. Crumbling under these malicious waves of banter is the very foundation of the democracy.

It is not the mud-slinging politicians whose intolerance for race, creed, and individual freedom who are new to American politics. They came with the birth of a nation nearly two hundred and forty years ago, a new nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

What is new is the barbaric and brutal attacks by these would-be leaders aimed directly at the voiceless, the anguished – the immigrant, the refugee, those fleeing tyranny and who seek asylum here. As my parents before me, they escaped tyranny and came here from Armenia in hopes of building a new life.

Apparently those who seek power of governance have forgotten the road they and their parents have traveled. They have forgotten the compassion and the humanitarianism shown to the new arrivals as the gates of hope and liberty were opened for their loved ones.

Every reasonable citizen should reject the dialogue used by presidential hopefuls Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, Their words are despicable and cruel.

Mr. Trump reportedly would slaughter the wives and children of terrorists who attacked this country. Should Lincoln also have executed the wives and children who attacked the United States on that tragic day, April 12, 1861, when the South fired on Fort Sumter?

And, if I recall correctly, my history books will also show that Hitler announced “I will not war against women and children.” Do I need to say what a narcissistic psychopathic murderer he turned out to be?

There are statesmen who, when called upon to lead their people, unite the nation to fight against overwhelming odds, through undreamed perils to victory; and then there are those butchers who would impose a “new order” to those who fall to their needs.

I ask myself in this seemingly endless time of war on terrorism, of insecurity, unemployment, and unrest – what kind of leader does this nation need?

Do I want a President whose words provide hope and security or one who degrades and belittles his fellow countrymen and women?

I have but one vote. Rest assured, I will cast it.



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