Valley of Death

Lenin's Tomb in Moscow

I have walked in the valley of death….and I have seen the face of evil.

Born an American, I lived in Stalin’s Russia for thirteen years.  Humiliated because of my past and impoverished by a system that suppressed private enterprise and individuality, and considered “a tool of the capitalist”, I quickly found there were no green pastures for an American in the Soviet Union.

My enemies were everywhere…on the streets, in our workplace….and even extended into our homes. Evil wore the uniforms of the Cheka….the NKVD….the KGB….and the omnipresent informers. Beasts in human flesh…waiting…waiting…waiting for me to make a fatal mistake. Shadows of men who refused to come out into the light to confront their victim.  There was no such thing as “due process” for those who would criticize Stalin or the Communist Party.

I swore they would never, never dance on my grave.

I turned my cheek and with each slap, I vowed I would not yield. I stood my ground, lost some battles, but when my personal ordeal was over, they hugged me and wished me well as I was placed on a Soviet jet headed for Copenhagen, New York and home.

Never once did I confront my enemies with a weapon. With a gun.  Or violence.

I knew inevitably justice would prevail.

And now, after a half century of freedom, I live in fear again: for my country, my family, my children and grandchildren.

A thousand nations have come and gone, but for how long can one nation divided, engaged in three wars, patronizing conceited politicians who build their own egos instead of working together for the good of the people, the nation, long stand?

Our people are our strength – and they came from the four corners of this planet, and there are those who would stop the flow; our middle class was the engine that kept the economy moving and its numbers decline with each day; and we fight endless wars to prove what? That we can kill? And be killed. And each day we are awakened to read from in newspapers or see on our TV and computer screens that yet another horrific crime has been committed by some deranged psychopath or a group of misguided religious fanatics.

We have come too far, worked too hard, fought many bloody battles and won our share of wars. If Congress and the President truly derive their powers from the people, the people have an obligation to pay close attention to what its elected officials are saying and doing.

And then show that power at the voting booth.

It is time to “awaken the sleeping giant.”



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